A Small Steam Giveaway


I buy every Humble Bundle on day one regardless of whether I actually need all of the games in the package, which inevitably leads to me getting some duplicates every now and then. Unfortunately, most of the Steam codes are in the form of a single code for all five games, plus a separate single code for the bonus games. This means that any games I already own are lost to the ether and can’t be regifted to someone else. Well, with the latest (seventh) Humble Indie Bundle, that all changed; now, there are separate codes for each game, so giving up my extra codes to a few worthy Pressers (is that what we call overselves?) seems like it makes sense.

Anyway, I have three extra Steam codes from the Humble Indie Bundle 7, and I’m willing to give them up, no strings attached, to anyone who wants them. First come, first serve, obviously. If you’re greedy and want to claim all three then go right ahead, I really don’t mind. I’d rather see someone enjoy these rather than have them sit in limbo on my Humble download page for eternity.

The Binding of Isaac (plus The Wrath of the Lamb DLC) CLAIMED

I’ve yet to actually play this, but I like Edmund McMillen’s twisted art style and nouveau-retro school of game design, so I think I’d like this. It’s critically acclaimed and, since the price is right, has sold like hotcakes to boot. Bought it for like $2.00 (DLC included) in the Summer Sale.

Indie Game: The Movie CLAIMED

Really enjoyed this one. A very rare look into the game industry. Although it has its flaws, this is a kind of movie that we definitely need more of. It’s a documentary on the struggles of the indie industry, a drama following the unlikely releases of Super Meat Boy and FEZ, and a character study of four very different personalities all wrapped up in one.

Cave Story+ CLAIMED

Every so often, a game comes along that makes you sigh in contention and think, “yes, this is a game in its purest form.” Cave Story was just an absolute blast to play, beginning to end. It’s part Mario Bros. 2D platformer, part Contra-like sidescrolling shooter, and yet it feels nothing like those two games that I mentioned. It has a charm and a whimsy all to its own, and it’s an excellent example of a game that’s just good, clean fun.


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