A Few Games I’m Looking Forward To

Short and simple today. I could’ve ranted about Gawker or torn apart Jason Schreier’s latest travesty of an article, but for now, I just want to talk about a few games that I’m looking forward to this fall, as well as a few summer releases that I missed. I finished Pokémon Diamond Version about a week ago, and right now I’m on the last leg of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, with FEZ up next. After that, though, I’ve got a bunch of possible games to play.

Borderlands 2 – Got this one preordered already, so it’s likely my next game after FEZ. I’ve beaten the original game three times since I first booted it up in February 2011: once as a solo vanilla playthrough, once as a solo New Game+ with all DLC, and once with a friend, and each playthrough was better than the last. Having never played Diablo or World of Warcraft, Borderlands was the game that introduced me to lootfest RPGs and, naturally, got me addicted to them. Something about the shooting mechanics just felt satisfying, too; sniping midget heads has never been so therapeutic. Since the original is already one of my favourite games, I would only want a sequel to make minor improvements and up the story content, and judging by the trailers, it seems like that’s exactly what Gearbox has done. Can’t wait to blast through this one with my buddy.

Pokémon Black Version 2 – This is an odd type of Pokemon game: a direct sequel without new game mechanics or additional Pokemon. It’s more of a new game than Platinum is to Diamond and Pearl, but hardly a leap equivalent to a new gen, like Ruby to Diamond. Black 2 is a game for people who enjoyed the story of Black enough to purchase a full-game continuation of that story, and will willingly pay full price despite not seeing any new Pokes or major gameplay tweaks. I guess that’s me; I thought Black‘s story was a huge step up from previous games, and I actually like starting these games over and building my team from whatever Pokes are available. Black 2 may have all the same Pokes as Black, but since much of the setting is brand-new, their regional availability will be quite different, forcing me to probably build an entirely different team.

Guild Wars 2 – I actually know jack shit about this game, but everyone’s talking about it, and given my recent lust for shiny loot, I might give it a try. I went on the game’s site and found some tree people who look fly as fuck, so…in due time.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – I already own this game, but my subscription expired way back in June, after I levelled to 50 with my Chiss Sniper and prepared my Human Jedi Guardian to level with my friend once he got his new computer. Well, my friend never did get his new Lenovo thanks to a greedy UPS worker somewhere, and long story short, our SWTOR plans fell through. I really did enjoy this game though, despite all the hate it’s received, and I can probably attribute my love for it to a couple things: 1. It’s Star Wars and I love Star Wars. 2. It was my first MMO, so I have no idea how well it compared to WoW or TERA. All I know is that it worked well for me. 3. The story was fantastic, and the grouped story options really made it feel like you were playing a game of KOTOR where all of your party members are player-controlled. Anyway, I’d like to get back into it and keep gearing my Guardian, but the game goes Free To Play in November, so I might wait before shelling out another $30 on a two-month subscription.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords – Late last year, I began replaying my Xbox copy of KOTOR II, and finished about 85% of the game before I got a disc read error. Disc repair kits did nothing, and eBay copies were an unbelievable $90. Eventually I got SWTOR and forgot about it, but this summer, I saw a KOTOR PC collection at EB Games for $20. I figured it was a little high considering I only wanted KOTOR II and I’d have to start all over again…but about two weeks ago, KOTOR II was released on Steam for $10. Unghh. I’d probably get either SWTOR or KOTOR II, but not both. If I was smart, I’d wait until late November, when KOTOR II will drop to $2.50 in Steam’s Black Friday sale and SWTOR will drop to $0 in EA’s “We Failed” Sale. Or I could be stupid and buy them both now for $40.

Pokémon ConquestPokémon Tactics! Was definitely going to pick this one up until I upgraded to an iPhone 4S and bought the slightly overpriced Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. It sated my appetite for SRPGs, so I decided to pass on Pokémon Tactics until it got cheaper. Although, I could’ve traded in my Mom’s copy of Just Dance 3 at Future Shop and gotten Pokémon Tactics for free…just kidding, Mom.

2 thoughts on “A Few Games I’m Looking Forward To

  1. Black 2 is pretty much No. 1 on my list for the rest of the year. From everything I’ve heard, it’s going to be very good.

    More importantly, though, I agree with the Jason Schreier bit. What an awful article that was. I almost put together a 1,000-word post on it myself, but then I realized that’s exactly what Gawker wants me to do.

    • It’s unfortunate because he writes plenty of articles about games and genres that I’m actually interested in, but somehow manages to turn them into poorly-researched opinion pieces. Yes, JRPG voice acting has never been great, but I’d argue it has been vastly improved since the days of Baiten Kaitos and the Playstation FFs. The solution is not to take a giant step backward and abolish all voice acting; the solution is to either find better voice actors or better scripts. JRPGs pander to anime culture (always have) and anime dubs generally have neither great scripts nor great voiceovers.

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