All Right Chums, Let’s Do This

Hello all, and welcome to Pixel Bubble, a blog about the video game industry. I started this blog because I often find reading articles on Kotaku, Gamasutra, Polygon, or whatnot provokes some kind of response from me, and I felt it was time to transcribe those mental responses into written form. I find it helps me organize my thoughts a little better.

The beauty of it is this: bloggers are generally opinionated people, and the drama of the video game industry provides plenty of opportunity for people to form their own (often divided) opinions. By posting these editorials, I’m very much welcoming comments about how I’m wrong, or how I missed an important point. That’s good; I’m looking for some stimulating conversation about an industry that I love to study. I won’t be so presumptuous as to say that I’ll “challenge your views” or “expand your horizons” or stuff like that; I’m just a regular guy, sharing my opinions about a topic that interests me. I’m not here to troll anyone or post flamebait; these are my honest opinions distilled into blog form. And hey, you may even agree with me once in a while.

Because I want to focus primarily on editorial content rather than straight-up news, I probably won’t simply be reposting external articles or performing long-form game reviews. I will certainly talk about games that I’m playing or looking forward to (and even games that I’m not) and link to discussion-worthy articles, but this blog is meant to be more loose exploration than formal examination or regurgitation.

So, bottom line: expect editorials about the video game industry. Expect heavy spoilers for some posts (don’t worry, I’ll clearly indicate spoiler-rific articles at the top of each article). Expect updates whenever I feel inspired to write a post (this blog, for all the thought I’m putting into it, is still just a hobby for me).

I’m also looking for blogs with similar themes to my own (ie. video game industry editorials). So if you want to up your page views pretty easily, drop me a line in the comments, and I’ll definitely check out your blog. Again, just looking for some good discussions.

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